Waste Management
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Staff - Permanent

Davies, Colin

Chief Executive Officer


Agnew, Tony

Contracts & Assets, WHS


Bowden, Chris

Rates, Payroll, Creditors & Admin Officer


Brooksby, Dean

General Inspector / Compliance Officer


Clark, Victor

Works Team


Finlay, Angie

Debtors / Admin Officer


Finlay, Mark

Works Team


Flavel, Roger

Works Team


Hatch, Robert

Works Team


Kane, Michael

Waste Transfer Station


Martin, Danny

Works Team Leader


McKenzie, Liam

Works Team


O'Connor, Roy

Works Manager


Pyman, Kierra

Admin Trainee


Rayner, Julie

Works Admin Officer


Scheltus, Rhiannon

Reception / Admin Officer


Ward, Robin

Works Team


White, Elizabeth

Finance & Administration Manager


Wilson, Jackson

Works Trainee


Wilson, Jillian

VIC Co-ordinator


Wilson, Kate-Lyn

VIC Trainee

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